Do you want access to the 10 Awesome Wilderness Hacks (That Could Save Your Life)?

So You're Going On An Adventure...

Our guide to awesome wilderness hacks will give you useful tips and tricks for next time you need some help while on an adventure. Some of our favourite chapters are...

1 How to Light a Fire Without Matches

When it comes to lighting a fire, there are some very definite dos and don’ts to observe. Get these right and your fire will burn for a long time allowing you to cook, keep warm, and ward off a few unwelcome bugs at the same time.

2 How to Handle a Bear Encounter

Bears are amazing animals but can be dangerous if you encounter them on their own territory and get too close. There are different ways to handle bears in the wild, and we detail them for you here.

3 How to Find Edible Plants and Flowers

You need to be careful if you're eating any plants, flowers or mushrooms in the wild as they can make your sick or even kill you in extreme circumstances. Our guide to edible plants helps you recognise some of the safe plants that you can pick and eat when food supplies are low.

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Thanks Ridgemont for the Wilderness Hacks E-Book. It’s filled with tons of insightful information that I hope I never have to use... but good to know just in case! Now I feel a lot more prepared for my next outing. I may need to practice a couple of the techniques beforehand though...
Sean Hetherington
Sean Hetherington
Ridgemont Customer, October 2015